Body Buildo

5,800.00 1,499.00


Body Buildo

5,800.00 1,499.00

Body Buildo Ayurveda muscle gainer is 100% vegetarian supplement which not only adds mass but adds the bulk of muscles which makes the body stronger and fitter. It contains all essential amino acids needed for muscle recovery and tissue regeneration. This Ayurveda mass gainer builds muscle mass due to herbs which are age-old remedies and power-boosters. Body Buildo contains no steroids, chemicals and has no side effects. With the mentioned use of the product, one can attain strength, better health and improvement in immunity.

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Body Buildo is a food supplement formulated to help maintain a healthy and muscular body. It has been intended to help gain weight in a healthy way along with keeping your body fit. It includes Whey protein along with amino acids, vitamins and minerals that provide all the vital nutrients to the body. Every serving gives 25 grams of rapidly processing protein including low levels fat, cholesterol and lactose. It does not contain any chemicals, steroids and has no side-effects and is suitable for both men and women.

Body Buildo not just works as a muscle builder, help in fat reduction, give a healthy, active and vigorous body, but is offered to you at a reasonable cost. With a blend of vitamins, minerals, and a flavour to suit your taste buds, it is 100% vegetarian with natural proteins and calcium.


    • Body Buildo is a product which will help you to regulate body weight, increase muscle mass and give a variety of health and well-being advantages. Many of the benefits of Body Buildo are directly associated with its complete amino acid profile, which builds it an excellent-quality, and makes it a simple, digestible protein source. Body Buildo powder contains a variety of antioxidants that give the body the potential to fight illness, disease and increase overall health.
    • Lose Fat and Preserve Muscle
    • Increase Size and Strength
    • Reduce Hunger
    • Improved Immune System

Ingredients and Nutritional Chart

Soybean Protein 15g
Whey Protein 10g
Shankh Bhasma 1000g
Wheat Grass Extracts 500g
Dandelion Extracts 500g
Barley Extracts 500g
Brahmi Extract 200g
Ashwagandha Extract 200g
Shankhpushpi Extract 100g
Mandur Bhasma 100g
Suvernamakshik Bhasma 100g
Tamra Bhasma 100g
Abhrak Bhasma 100g
Yasad Bhasma 100g
Sangeyashav 100g
Sangajarahat Bhasma 100g


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