Allah Name Locket ( Allah Locket | Allah Barkat Locket)


Allah Barkat locket is very unique as this locket has an incredibly done miniature work and a tiny pearl-sized magnifying lens to view through it the Holy Quran Ayat (Ayat-Ul-Qursi). One who has the blessing of the Holy Quran Aayat (Ayat-Ul-Qursi) is destined to be protected from all the miseries of life.

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You can view:

  1. Ayat-Ul-Qursi
  2. 4 Qul
  3. 4 names of Allah (S.W.T)

through the tiny pearl-sized magnifying glass lens attached to The Allah Barkat Locket.

Allah Name Locket or Allah Locket is a unique invention powered to bring positive changes in human life.